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Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way

By June 13, 2014May 5th, 2020Projects

When the NorthPark Center opened in 1965 it was the largest climate-controlled retail establishment in the world. Today the mall generates annual sales of more than $1 billion.

The NorthPark center is lauded for architecture that allows ample natural light which it accomplishes through a series a skylights. When it came time to replace leaking skylights Guard-All was brought in to create structures to cover the area so they could remove the skylights without being completely open to the elements. The logistical problem of how to accomplish this was soon apparent. The distance was too great for cranes to lift the buildings in place. Fabricating the buildings in place brought up other technical difficulties that ruled the approach out. In time the engineers came up with the ideal solution. Build the structures on the ground and lift them into place with a helicopter. Easy, right?

Watch the KwikBuild buildings lifted onto the roof of the NorthPark center in this video.

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