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This Is The Best Building For Pickleball

By November 17, 2021LEARN
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Benefits of Playing Pickleball Indoors

  1. Year-round availability (non-seasonal)– The greatest benefit of having an indoor pickleball court complex is having the pickleball courts available year-round. Whether it’s the peak of summer in Texas or below freezing in British Columbia, you can play pickleball on indoor courts. The rains of San Francisco and the snows of New York won’t affect your game. If you own a pickleball facility, your business will no longer be seasonal, which means year-round revenue! “Our business is not subject to the weather anymore. We schedule our lessons and we stick to the schedule rain or shine,” said Greg Kallmeyer, owner of horse trainer Kallmeyer Farms, who owns fabric buildings.
  2. Play at night– Playing pickleball at night can be uncomfortable. While lights can certainly be installed over outdoor pickleball courts, there are still inconveniences. If the building has end walls, bugs will not swarm an indoor court with lights like they would at an outdoor court with lights. There is an additional safety factor of playing indoors with lockable entryways. While it may be a nice day at noon, the temperature can drop drastically once the sun goes down. If playing indoors, that perfect temperature can be maintained regardless of time of day.
  3. Controlled environment for competition– Playing indoors allows for a consistency between games, ensuring that competitions come down to performance rather than rain delays and wind gusts affecting play. Every match is played under the same conditions regardless of weather conditions or time of day. The downside is that now you can’t blame a mistake on the wind…

Benefits of Playing Pickleball in a Fabric Building

  1. Large span with no interior columns – Fabric buildings are the only structure that allows for spans of 200+ feet wide and 1,000+ feet long without interior columns. No interior columns allows for courts to be properly arranged and spaced, as well as ensuring you get the maximum desired courts to be covered.
  2. Climate control – The membrane does not conduct or radiate heat or cold to the building’s interior, making it easier to create and maintain an interior temperature. Typical temperature moderation experience is 15-20 degrees warmer or cooler (depending on season) of the interior air relative to outside air. Additionally, insulation can be installed in the building for increased temperature control.
  3. Affordable – A fabric building is one of the most cost-effective large clear span structures on the market. Fabric membranes are typically more affordable than wood or steel. A fabric building is also more efficient regarding air conditioning/heating and lighting costs. Fabric buildings are installed faster, which means less construction labor cost.
  4. Natural lighting – A fabric building allows natural light into structure, creating an environment with no shadows or dark spots. This reduces outfitting expense by a huge margin by eliminating 80%+ of interior lights needed to purchase and install, reduces maintenance costs with this elimination of lights, and reduces energy consumption by a significant factor because interior lighting is eliminated altogether or greatly reduced.
  5. Quick & easy to install– If you are a city parks and recreation department or private business and don’t know how to build a fabric building, don’t worry! You don’t need to hire a major general contractor to install a fabric building. A couple forklifts and scissor lifts can have the building up in just a few days. We can even have a supervisor or dealer assist you with installation.