Financing Options

Lease Purchase and other financial services available through Merrimac Capital Services

How Merrimac Capital Services can help:

  • Merrimac Capital Services and its partners can structure your payments around your cash flow so that you can make the Capital Expenditures you need to help your business grow.
  • Serving North American Private and Public sector businesses, Local Small Businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, Federal Government Agencies, Non-profits, and Municipalities.

Examples Include:

  • A Midwestern Commodities Broker needed a large grain storage facility: Merrimac structured a lease to help the company to secure a fabric-covered building in the amount of $1.5M. The lease included the installation and building components.
  • A Small private company needed a structure to protect their equipment from the elements: Merrimac structured a “lease to own” program that allowed the business to budget their capital expenditure with doable regular payments and additional tax deductions, all while conserving capital.

Merrimac Capital Services provides equipment lease financing, project financing, receivable financing, and working capital loans. Contact GNB Global at 1-855-258-2578 for more information, or contact Vince Barauskas directly at 781-933-1381.