ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

In December 2018, GNB Global received certification in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service. ISO 9000 deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems, including the seven quality management principles upon which the family of standards is based. ISO 9001 deals with the requirements that organizations wishing to meet the standard must fulfill.

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CSA-A660 Standard

As of August 2011, GNB Global received certification in accordance with the CSA-A660 Standard. The certification ensures GNB’s compliance with the design and manufacturing requirements set forth in the CSA-A660 Standard.

The CSA-A660 Standard was developed at the request of the Canadian Steel Building System manufacturers to assist code enforcement officials in reviewing building permit submissions incorporating a steel building system and to help purchasers in obtaining a quality building.

The A660 Standard requires that the GNB production facilities, staff, and quality assurance systems are capable of consistently producing quality steel buildings. To ensure that these design and production standards are met and maintained, the A660 Standard requires our manufacturing facility to be certified by a certification agency, such as the Canadian Welding Bureau.

The 2005 National Building Code of Canada (NBC), Article “Steel Building Systems” states that “Steel building systems shall be manufactured by companies certified in accordance with the requirements of CSA-A660 Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems”.


CSA Standard W47.1 Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel

As of August 2011, GNB Global has been certified in compliance with CSA Standard W47.1 Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

The Canadian Welding Bureau was formed in 1947 to administer the new W47.1 welding standard for structural steel. The CWB has today expanded its scope well beyond the original structural steel roots and is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as a Certification Body for the administration of CSA Standards, including W47.1, W47.2, W55.3, W186, W178.1, and W48 to industries across Canada and internationally for:

  • Certification of companies involved in welding
  • Certification of Welding Inspection Companies
  • Certification of Welding Inspectors
  • Certification of Welding Electrodes

The CWB qualifies welders, and welding procedures as well as providing comprehensive training courses and products through the CWB Learning Centre. The activity of the CWB contributes to the high level of competence enjoyed by industries employing welding and joining, the consistent progress in welding technology, and the reliability of welded products.


AISC Quality Management Systems Certification

The AISC Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification sets the quality standard for the structural steel industry and is the most recognized national quality Certification program for the building and bridge industry. The program includes over 50% of the building fabricators in the U.S., and every state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) requires its bridge fabricators to be certified.

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Clark County Approved Fabricator

GNB Global has received Clark County Department of Building (CCDB) approved metal building fabricator status.

The Clark County approved fabricator program is currently accepted by several other jurisdictions in the state of Nevada and surrounding states. It is important that the fabricator understand that all fabrication is required to comply with the fabricators Clark County approved Quality Systems Manual, when the projects building authority having jurisdiction, approves the fabricator based on the fabricator’s current CCDB approval. The fabricator is responsible for assuring that all fabrication complies with all Clark County approved fabricator requirements, approved project plans, and specifications, and any additional requirements imposed by the projects jurisdictional building authority.

clark county nevada approved fabricator