Guardian Series Tension Fabric Building

The Guardian Series is the first modular tension fabric building system that addresses roof slope, leg height, and building size all in one. The modular component design features widths ranging from 30’ (9.1 m) to 200’ (60.9 m); three choices for leg heights, 13’ (3.9 m), 18’ (5.4 m), and 23’ (7 m); and five available gable slopes from 15 to 35 degrees. The Guardian Series buildings utilize one of five different truss depths determined by the building’s intended width. The continuous segmented truss design allows the building to achieve nearly any length required.

Tension fabric buildings, already one of the quickest and easiest structure types to install, get a boost with our new Guardian Series. Fabric membrane installation is quicker and easier than ever with the Guardian’s easy bolt connections and simple slide-in pre-tensioned waterproof roof panels.

The modular nature of the Guardian design allows our customers to quickly configure the perfect tension fabric building to meet their needs.

Guardian Series Tension Fabric Buildings Specifications

Widths: 30′ (9.1 m), 40′ (12.1 m), 50′ (15.2 m), 60′ (18.2 m), 70′ (21.3 m), 80′ (24.3 m), 90′ (27.4 m), 100′ (30.4 m), 110′ (33.5 m), 120′ (36.5 m), 130′ (39.6 m), 140′ (42.6 m), 150′ (45.7 m), 160′ (48.7 m), 170′ (51.8 m), 180′ (54.8 m), 190′ (57.9 m), 200′ (60.9 m),
Leg Heights: 13′ (3.9 m), 18′ (5.4 m), 23′ (7 m)
Truss Depths: 2′ (0.6 m), 3′ (91.4 m), 3.5′ (1.0 m), 4′ (1.2 m), 5′ (1.5 m)

Tension Fabric Buildings Truss Profile Downloads

Truss profiles are available to download from the Truss Profile Downloads page.

Visit Truss Profile Download Page

Tension Fabric Buildings Fabric Membrane

GNB Global utilizes Nova-Shield II with Armorkote, a heavyweight engineered HDPE fabric membrane. The scrim is produced in a special weaving pattern to enhance thickness, flatness, abrasion resistance, and tear properties. The proprietary coating is used to enhance abrasion resistance, flex resistance, seam strength, UV resistance, and longevity. The Guardian Series buildings feature a modularized fabric membrane connected with an extruded aluminum keder system.

translucent hdpe fabric membrane material

A huge benefit to the HDPE material Guard-All utilizes is the energy efficient translucent qualities of the fabric. White and lighter colored membrane materials allow around 12% of sunlight to transfer through the translucent fabric which reduces the need for electrical lighting during daylight hours. Additionally, when electric lights are used near the fabric, light is reflected off the surface amplifying the total lumens in the building.

Available Fabric Colors


Tension Fabric Buildings Foundations

A variety of foundations are available to meet your specific building requirements. Here are a few of the most common foundations we employ.


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