Replacement Covers For Cover-All and Other Fabric Buildings

Guard-All Building Solutions offers industry-leading fabric cover replacement services for fabric buildings built by any manufacturer, including Guard-All, Clearspan, and Cover-All. Rely on Guard-All’s elite team of tension fabric building specialists that we assembled to advise you on re-covering your building. Our team will ensure you get the perfect fabric cover for your existing fabric building.

Replace individual panels or the whole membrane
Depending on how your building was built, we can sometimes replace individual fabric panels. Some fabric buildings are designed with a single or mono cover, which are usually found on smaller buildings and arch profile buildings. Larger buildings and gable profile buildings are often designed with individual panels connected using keder rails. If your building was constructed with individual panels, we can replace panels as needed. However, if multiple panels are damaged, or the fabric cover is showing signs of age, we can re-cover the whole structure.

Time for an upgrade?
If you are only replacing a portion of your fabric building, you may desire the new cover to match the old. With our wide selection of HDPE and PVC fabrics, each with their range of colors, we can match the new fabric cover to the original structure.

Alternatively, you may wish to upgrade your fabric when re-covering your building. Upgrade to a fire-rated fabric, from white to a more standout color, or from HDPE to a PVC membrane. Regardless of your choice, Guard-All Building Solutions will help you get the perfect fabric cover for your building.

Any building, any manufacturer
Whether you are re-covering a Guard-All building, a Cover-All building, or one from another manufacturer, we can design and deliver a new cover for it. We can re-cover any shape and size fabric building as well.

Cover-All fabric building cover replacement

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